Free museums in Sicily

Balestrate is a good starting point for exploring the fascinating world of art, archaeology and local traditions in Sicily.
Tip: On the first Sunday of the month, admission to museums and exhibitions throughout Italy is free.

Museo Regionale di Palermo

Just a short drive from Balestrate is the Museo Regionale di Palermo, one of the most important museums in Sicily. It houses an extensive collection of works of art, archaeological finds and historical artefacts. Immerse yourself in the diverse history of Sicily, from the ancient Greeks to the Renaissance.

Museo Whitaker

The Museo Whitaker in Motya is a jewel for history buffs. The island of Motya, located near Balestrate, was once a Phoenician colony. The museum displays an impressive collection of Phoenician artefacts and offers insights into the maritime history of the region.

Museo delle Saline

If you would like to learn more about traditional salt production, visit the Museo delle Saline in Trapani. The museum takes you through the history of salt production in the region and shows you the old salt works and the methods that have been used for centuries.

Museo del Carretto Siciliano

Immerse yourself in the folklore and traditions of Sicily at the Museo del Carretto Siciliano in Terrasini. Here you can admire ornately decorated Sicilian carts, which symbolise rural life on the island. Find out more about the significance of these fascinating works of art and their role in Sicilian culture.

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