Car hire in Balestrate

I always recommend hiring a car, as it’s worth driving around the surrounding area and visiting various sights, neighbouring towns or great beaches outside Balestrate. However, you can easily reach everything in Balestrate on foot, at least from our holiday flat “CASA ALBA Sul MARE”.

We always recommend booking a hire car in Germany via Check24 car hire comparison and looking for the best deals.

If you only want to hire a car or scooter for a day or two, we always recommend hiring one locally in Balestrate. They are usually not as expensive as in the big city of Palermo.

If you are interested, you can simply contact the agency that also looks after our holiday flat and guest services at any time. They will get the best price for you. Provided you are guests in our holiday flat.
You can also find the contact details in our guest folder in the holiday flat or in the online guest folder, which is sent to you when you book.

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Shopping in Balestrate

Shopping in Balestrate

If you like strolling through boutiques and love shopping, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth in Balestrate.  The place actually has everything on offer in

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