Interesting facts about Balestrate

Balestrate has just under 6500 inhabitants and is located approx. 60 kilometres west of Palermo and also belongs to the province of Palermo.

Balestrate was founded almost 350 years ago.

There used to be a tuna fishing facility here

Today, Balestrate attracts many tourists all year round, including many Germans.

The 19th century parish church is definitely a sight to see in Balestrate.

The church also has a war memorial.

If you are interested in Italian cemeteries, you can visit one in Balestrate.

The “Cimitero di Balestrate” is open from the morning until 1 pm. The graves look different to those in Germany. Monumental tombs, sliding graves, columbaria and row graves are typical.

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Shopping in Balestrate

Shopping in Balestrate

If you like strolling through boutiques and love shopping, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth in Balestrate.  The place actually has everything on offer in

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