Save money on your holiday in Sicily

Of course, there are also cost traps that you can fall into.

Here are some tips to help you avoid spending more money than necessary:

Eating and drinking in bars:

There is a difference in cost if you eat a coffee or sandwich at a table or at the counter. You can recognise this by whether the tables are served by a waiter or not.

This is where the topic of “Coperto” comes into play, i.e. the amount of usually 2 euros per person when you sit down at a table and are served.

So if you just want to have a crossiant and a coffee in the morning and simply eat it standing up at the counter, you save yourself the 2 euros you would otherwise have to pay at the table.

But if there is no waiter in sight, you can sit down at the table and have breakfast as normal.

Mehr Tipps

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