Specialities of Sicily

In Sicily, you don’t eat because you’re hungry, but eating here is like a ritual to get together, so to speak. The restaurants don’t usually fill up until 8.30pm in the evening and even later in summer. Before that, most Italians meet in bars and have an aperitif.

Snacks, antipasti and small appetisers are usually also served or ordered.

Many restaurants in Balestrate (Palermo) are only open during meal times and take a lunch break in between.

So you can eat lunch until around 2.30pm, after which many are closed until at least 7pm.

The same applies to supermarkets, by the way.

Many guests always ask me what else there is besides pizza, spaghetti and lasagne. Sicily has so much more to offer in terms of food. The food here is like a new attitude to life.

Pasta con le sarde
Fettuccine (pasta) with fried sardines, fennel, sultanas and saffron. Originally from Arabia, it has conquered Sicily.

Polpo bollito
A cooked squid that is cut into small pieces. It is always served with lemon and parsley. It is on almost every menu in Palermo’s restaurants.
My restaurant tip in Balestrate for fish in general is definitely “Giovanni Frutti die Mare”.

Anelletti al forno
This is a pasta bake (ring-shaped pasta) with minced meat sauce, peas, mozzarella, boiled eggs and aubergines.
My restaurant tip in Balestrate is ,,Buttitta della carne“.

Cannoli siciliani 
If you are travelling to Sicily, you must not leave the island without trying the traditional cannoli first. They can be found in almost all bars and restaurants.
This is a deep-fried dough roll with a creamy ricotta filling, chocolate chips and candied fruit. There are now also other varieties with pistachios, for example.
My restaurant tip in Balestrate is “Euro Bar Paradise”.

Pani ca meusa
Beef spleen burger! Sounds disgusting, but tastes delicious and can be found on every street corner in Palermo. Pani ca meusa is served with salt, lemon and, if you like, cheese. Bite into it and enjoy!
My restaurant tip in Balestrate is ,,I sapori del Golfo“.

These are deep-fried rice balls that are filled in different ways.
e.g. minced meat sauce and mozzarella or mozzarella with spinach or ham mozzarella. The selection in some shops is really large.
The best in Balestrate can be found at ,,Euro Bar Paradise“.

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